Waterloo Region Environmental Network

Portfolio - WREN Logo

Waterloo Region Environmental Network (WREN) is a community grown network of 110+ organizations and individuals in Waterloo Region with a shared interest in creating sustainable community.

With common needs and opportunities, this network works together to better achieve individual and shared community goals. Specifically, collaborating enables WREN to prioritize, build, and access community resources more efficiently, while making impact more effective.

I have been leading strategic integrated marketing and communications planning for WREN. This involves market research, website development, public relations, social media marketing, and event planning.

Below is a sample poster that I made for our #WRENE2015 event on March 12, 2015. 10 organizations “pitched” ideas, and attendees were invited to write their ideas, resources and connections on these posters. We then ran a “dotmocracy”. Attendees were invited to vote for their favourite ideas with dot stickers; green = 1st, yellow = 2nd, and purple = 3rd.

Portfolio - WRENE Proposals - CAB




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