Integrated Marketing Communications

In September 2014 I began an adventure in  Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). After two years with Carolinian Canada Coalition, I wanted to improve my communications and marketing skill set with a postgraduate degree.

Throughout this IMC postgrad, I’ve learned theory and had real world experience in Advertising, Corporate Communication, Branding, Marketing, Public Relations, Consumer Research, Media Relations, Event Management and Project Management.

What is Integrated Marketing Communications?

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is an integrated approach to marketing. Where traditional marketing might separate public relations from advertising, branding, and sales, and so on, IMC brings all those things together. And by uniting those things, by uniting all the ways that you reach out to your target audience, IMC is more strategic and intentional than traditional marketing. In an IMC plan, public relations, advertising, branding, and sales work together to create the best pitch possible for your target audience.

What are the benefits of Integrated Marketing Communications?

The communications landscape is rapidly changing: traditional advertising is being replaced by digital advertising; consumers are smarter and have access to more information; competition is tough. IMC helps marketers keep up. IMC focuses on the big picture, develops comprehensive goals, and delivers a consistent message, resulting in a more effective marketing plan.


Integrated Marketing Communications Planning

I have had the opportunity to write several Integrated Marketing Communications Plan over the last eight months.  Myself and 3 colleagues had the opportunity to work with Westmount Signs & Printing; and later I worked with the Waterloo Region Environmental Network.

Read excerpts from the IMC Plans here:

Media Relations

Strategic Planning

Event Planning

I helped plan three events of the course of this program. Hearts for Hearts, Green at Work, and our end-of-the-term gala. I am most proud of our accomplishments with Hearts for Hearts, a fundraiser that raised money for the Grand River Hospital Foundation. Read more about it here. Below are some sample of designs I pitched for the events.

Porfolio - Event Planning


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